Poem from Caedmon of Whitby

“Praise we the Fashioner now of Heaven’s fabric,
The majesty of his might and his mind’s wisdom,
Work of the world-warden, worker of all wonders,
How he the Lord of Glory everlasting,
Wrought first for the race of men Heaven as a rooftree,
Then made he Middle Earth to be their
mansion.” – Caedmon of Whitby

The Venerable Bede in his History of the English Church and People writes about this monk, Caedmon of Whitby, who was exceptionally adept in poetry.

Bede says of Caedmon, “So skillful was he in composing religious and devotional songs that, when any passage of Scripture was explained to him by interpreters, he could quickly turn it into delightful and moving poetry in his own English tongue. These verses of his have stirred the hearts of many folk to despise the world and aspire to heavenly things.”


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