History of the English Language

Today I get to sit through an Assembly with my 7th grade students on the History of the English Language.

The question we are asking is: Why do we speak English?

After all, Latin was spoken for centuries and French was massively spread throughout England, even mandated for awhile. Yet we don’t speak either of these languages.

Throughout the year I have been asking my students two important questions: Where have we come from? And where are we going?

In order to know where you are going you need to understand where you have come from.

Also, In order to live a happy life that truly flourishes understanding where you have come from is a necessary foundation. Studying the history of our own language might seem like learning only interesting facts about the past, but the study of history is more than just a mere study of information from the past.

History helps us to understand the present.

It helps answer all those “why” questions that we always ask. It helps us to gain a knowledge of our own self (which is the quest of the true philosopher) and frees us to think clearly about where we are going.

Hopefully, the students today can learn how the knowledge of the history of their own language can lead to a deeper understanding of who they are and who God calls them to be.


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