Monday Links: Sports, Politics, Theology, etc.

1. The Dallas Cowboys defense is heating up and the ‘Boys look Super Bowl bound.

2. Gotta love Fred Sanders over at Scriptorium Daily.  He uncovers some interesting history.  Here’s a bit on a prideful, and priggish C.S. Lewis.

3.  Dr. John Mark Reynolds, from the great Biola University, referenced in the Wall Street Journal on his vision for restoring the intellectual life of evangelicals.

4.  Ann Coulter defends Fox News reporter Brit Hume for his comments about Tiger Woods need to turn to a faith like Christianity in order to receive forgiveness and redemption. Others, predictably go on the attack.

5.  Apparently there is a Rush Limbaugh Musical coming out.  Weird.

6.  What makes a Great Teacher?

7.  Do you give approval to the President Obama’s work so far?

8.  Don’t like my links?  Here’s some more from Evangelical Outpost.

9.  Great chapter on Aquinas’ view on Justification, Sanctification, and Divinization, directed there via Dr. Francis Beckwith’s blog

10.  New issue of Touchstone Mag is out.


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