Becoming like Christ

There are many times that I loathe being human.  That is, I intensely dislike my finite nature, being inside time, not being omnipresent, and my inability to see or predict the future.  Basically, I commit the fallacy of wanting to be God when it is only possibly to be Clint, and thus to be human.

Why do I commit such a dumb fallacy?

Why do I want to be something other than I am?

Of course, it is good to desire to be like God. Basic Sunday school Christianity teaches that to be a disciple of Jesus Christ is precisely to become more like him, not only metaphorically, but actually.

And here is my error.  I long to be like Christ, but I do the opposite of what it takes to become like Christ. I am tired of waiting on the future, so I worry about future?  I a long to be infinite (which I can’t become anyways), so I get upset at being finite?

To become like Jesus Christ (the one who is alone fully God and fully man) is precisely to not worry and dwell upon who I am not.  Of course, I do need to look to the one who I am not yet this is different than worrying about who I am not.

The only person who I can be today is myself.  Thus, myself I shall be (even if I long to be different).

When I look, gaze, or behold Christ I am admiring Him. Therefore, my admiration of his majesty is what moves me to become like Him.  When I worry about not being like Him my thoughts are turned away from Him and put on myself.

How can I become more like Christ if I am primarily focused not on him but on the self?

To become like Jesus Christ is to fix my eye upon his glory, longing to be completely and fully united with Him by being like Him, while living in the reality of the present condition without giving worry to the future.

As C.S. Lewis says, “Happy work is best done by the man who take his long-term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment to moment “as to the Lord”. It is only our daily bread that we are encourage to ask for. The present is the only time in which any duty can be done or any grace received.”



4 responses to “Becoming like Christ

  1. The problem is, people try to hard, but one hint, is to overcome all polarity. Christ balence the primordial aspects of the male and female. Not as they are today, but in thier basic attributes. And as all angels are Androginus, so shall we become, this is not a physical thing, but an inner change in consciousness.

  2. The will power and intellect of the male, and the motherly love, and understanding of the female aspect. So as God has no gender, we must rise above all dualality.

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